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Wild Beauty

Beauty is Medicine


'We are the Beauty we've been

seeking all our lives'

~Jack Kornfield

Beauty invites us to have an intimate relationship with Nature.

Beauty awakens our hearts and divine senses.

Beauty opens portals within us to touch, taste, sense, and feel the world around us. Beauty is Medicine.

'Each time a flower is smelled, bliss is a real-time experience.'

~Acharya Shunya

Ayurveda invites us to sync our nature with Mother Nature. 

Ayurveda awakens a memory in our hearts on how to do this. 

Ayurveda guides us on how to nourish and safeguard our divine senses so they can serve as powerful portals to know the world. 

    ‘If we cannot find harmony in our everyday actions, we will not find it anywhere.’ ~Maya T

    Through the Herbal Years...

    Wild Beauty Offerings

    Living in Rhythm~Ritual~Routine

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