Way of the Herbalist

Herbalism as a Way of Life
Women are Natural Healers


Way of the Herbalist~
A 10 Month Course for Women to Learn, Study,
Integrate & Embody the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda & Folk Herbalism into Everyday Living.

We need more herbalists in the world.

Herbalists are heart centered people living a devotional life to the Mother of us all. 

To be an herbalist is a lifelong love affair learning about our most ancient ancestors the plants, building a nature connection and reweaving ourselves back into the seasonal rhythms of life. 

Way is defined as a path, a portal or gateway.

Way is defined as being capable, a course of action, a chosen path.

Every woman has her own unique inherent way, and every woman has her own unique inherent way of being an herbalist. 

For some, it is more of a quiet, inward path. For others, it is a path of teaching, educating and bringing it out into the world. 

Every woman, and every way is valued and needed. 

Way of the Herbalist is a Beautiful & Soulful 10 month journey into the Heart of Herbalism & Ayurveda. 

Each month is filled with Ayurvedic wisdom, nature connection, seasonal living, herbal preparations & recipes, cooking, living the beauty way, plant communication, medicine stories and drawing from the magical teachings of Rosemary Gladstar as our guiding light, and a woman I invite everyone who is interested in herbalism to get to know. She is has been a catalyst for supporting the revival of this ancient healing art and has supported many upon many of thousands of people across the world to safely and lovingly weave herbalism into their homes as a way of life. Rosemary is a friend, a teacher, a woman that taught me herbalism how to live the beauty way, that I too am the medicine, a gem, a treasure, a joy, beauty and loved filled and I am so excited to share her with all of you 

2022-23 Way of the Herbalist is FULL!

Way of the Herbalist will enter its third year this Autumn. Each year becomes more refined and distilled and it is the group of Women that are part of this journey that shape it, inform it and support the evolution. It really is a grassroots movement and together we bring Herbalism here into our beautiful community on the Central Coast of California. I have lived on these Sacred lands for 30 years and have spent most of my adult life combing the hillsides and beaches getting to know her landscapes. This path is one of love, service and devotion. To have an herbal community in our county is something we have long needed and together we build it and create it. Thank you for hearing the call of the plants and walking the plant path. It will delight you in ways you may have never imagined, and awaken a wild intelligence. 

I am so excited for a whole new batch of budding herbalists to journey together and keep the magic going. 

If you are considering joining the course please email me @wildbeautyayurveda@gmail.com for a phone 'interview'. This a time for you to share with me a bit about yourself, what you are excited about learning, and to ask any questions. And, it is a time for me to share with you about the course and what you can expect during the 10 months. I look forward to connecting with you!

2022-23 Dates

All classes are on Saturdays from 10-5pm! 

Opening Weekend!

September 24th & 25th

Classes will be held both Saturday & Sunday 10-5pm with a campout. 

Commuting is optional too. 

October 8th- Crow's end (Avila Beach Area)

Saturday 10am-5pm

November- 12th- Crow's end

Saturday 10am-5pm

December 10th- Crow's end

Saturday 10am-5pm

January 14th- Crow's end

Saturday 10am-5pm

February 11th- Field Trip

Saturday 10am-5pm

March 11th- Field Trip

Saturday 10am-5pm

April 8th- Field Trip

Saturday 10am-5pm

May 13th- Field Trip

Saturday 10am-5pm

June 10th & 11th 

Graduation & Campout!