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Way of the Herbalist

Women are Natural Healers

Sage Mountain 2006

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Wild Roses

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Sage Mountain 2006

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Way of the Herbalist: Welcome

                          ~Way of the Herbalist~

                       Herbalism as a Way of Life

We need more herbalists in the world. Herbalists are heart centered people living close the heart of the Mother. Herbalists are people that love learning about plants, seasonal living, cooking wild foods, medicine making, ancestral skills, gardening, foraging, wildcrafting & being stewards of the land in which they live upon. 

Way is defined as a path, portal, gateway, course of action and being capable of creating a Way to do so. 

Every woman has her own unique inherent way of being and expressing herself. 

Every woman has her own unique inherent way of being an herbalist, and loving the plants.

In the Summer of 2005, and the Summer of 2006 I traveled to Vermont to start my herbal studies @ Sage Mountain Herbal Sanctuary with Rosemary Gladstar and 30 other women. We gathered for 9 days each Summer singing songs, making magical herbal medicine, cooking healing foods, taking plant walks, visiting and meeting other herbalists at their farms, laughing, loving, learning how to create sisterhood and partaking in beautiful ceremony. 

Those two Summers back to back were some of the very best Summers of my life and a seed was planted in my heart. A heartfelt intention to one day be able to offer this beautiful herbal magic of sisterhood to the beloved land and community I have now lived and loved upon for 30 years, the Central Coast. 

Way of the Herbalist was born Spring of 2020 during Covid when the world shut down.

I remember vividly sitting in my back yard on a sunny day asking myself, 'who am I now, and what do I want to do with my life?' 

The very first thought I had was that I wanted to gather with women and learn about plants. 

That seed that was planted in my heart nearly 20 years ago showed herself and it felt like the time was here to birth that seed dream into being. 

Each year step by step, inch by inch Way of the Herbalist grows, expands, informs, and evolves how it wishes to unfold, and express itself. Each year amazing, loving, generous, kind, open hearted and minded women hear the call to this work and come together to learn, grow and deepen their love of herbalism.

Herbalism is a Way of Life, it is a lifestyle.

Learning about the plants is best done by learning from the plants themselves.

It is about reciprocal relationships, learning more than what the plant 'does' learning her song. 

Every September a new 9 month journey begins. We gather together for 1 full weekend a month running from September and ending in May. We also have 1 community call in between our gatherings to ask questions, honor seasonal rhythms and changes, and continue to build our community of women. 

People can commute or they can stay on the property where class is held. We have camping, car camping, bell tents and a cozy cabin along with a kitchen, and gardens. We have local hot springs, restaurants & boutique hotels near by as well. This makes it easeful for anyone traveling out of town to enjoy a weekend of being fully immersed in plant studies, nourishment, Beauty and a loving and supportive community. 

The original intention was to create a way for the women that want to keep circling and learning can weave themselves in at any year. Herbalism is never a 'one and done', for it is a lifestyle with deep wisdom that takes time to integrate. Way of the Herbalist has created a way for this re-weaving to happen again and again.  

Way of the Herbalist 2023-24 will open for enrollment March 21st!

2023-24 Dates

All classes will meet one weekend a month for 9 months. Saturdays are from 10-5pm, and Sundays from 10-3pm. 

Opening Weekend!

September 22nd & 23rd Opening Ceremony, Ceremonial Plants, Ceremonial Foods, Herbal Smoking Blends, Herbal Facial Steams, Incense Making, Altar Making & Ayurvedic Wisdom

@ Crows End in SLO

October 21st & 22nd Nourishing Infusions, Decoctions, Herbal Bathing, Herbal Foot Baths, Herbal Body Oiling, Essential Oils & Salve Making

@ Crows End

November 18th & 19th The Art of Tincture Making, Cordials, Elixirs, Oxymels, Herbal Syrups & Fire Cider

@ Crows End in SLO

December 16th Community Potluck & Winter Solstice Celebration

@ Crows End in SLO

January 20th & 21st Women's Health, Pelvic Steaming, Shakti Prana, The Sacred Yoni, Breast Health, Herbal Oil Packs & GynaEcology

@ Crows End in SLO

February 17th &18th TBD Herb Walk & Wildcrafting 

March 16th & 17th TBD Herb Walk, Wildcrafting & Community Ayurvedic & Wild Foods Cleanse

April 20th & 21st TBD Ramen Making on the beach with a Seaweed Harvest & Natural Dyeing 

May 18th Graduation Day

@ Crows End in SLO


We welcome 20 Women total and have 3 tiers of entry: 

Sunflower- Year 1 

Open to 10 Women

Sunflower is for our year 1 women that are just entering their first 9 month wheel of Way of the Herbalist. 

Tuition: $2,500

Pay in full or $500 deposit with 9 monthly payments of $225 or 12 monthly payments of $175 starting in September.

Rose- Year 2

Rose is for our year 2 women that have already circled and graduated and want to be woven in once again. Rose will circle once again with all year 1 content, dive deeper with the plants, grow their own medicine, and become mentors to the Sunflowers. 

Tuition: $1,500

Pay in full or $500 deposit with 9 monthly payments of $111 starting in September.

Mugwort- Year 3

Mugwort is for our women that have journeyed through twice and want to keep weaving their love, magic and beauty into our community. Mugwort will also follow our Roses and will now create a legacy project together. 

Tuition: $1,000

Pay in full or $500 deposit with 9 monthly payment of $55 per month starting in September. 

For more information, a phone conversation please contact me @ for more information.

Way of the Herbalist: About
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