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Herbal Infusions & Nourishing the Nervous System

Herbal infusions are a profoundly simple, beautiful healing art that nourishes our Nervous System on a very deep level. Our NS is the gateway to experiencing all of life, and includes our divine senses: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin & intuition. The NS is a very intelligent and complex system we are all born with and when we learn to craft a nourishing life, be steady in rhythm, eating seasonal foods, wildcrafting & making our own medicines we gift ourselves powerful nourishment that supports us to feel safe, cared for, loved & resilient.

Preparing an herbal infusion is an age old ritual, shared across cultures, and throughout the ages.

One can make an herbal infusion for pleasure, medicine, a headache, induce sleep, as well as to share with friends and can be taken morning, noon & night.

When we make an herbal infusion it requires our awareness, our participation, it slows us down, and reminds us of the natural healers we are as women and how to bring our healing back into our own two hands.

Herbs grow from the heart of the Mother, they carry consciousness of the sun, moon, stars & wisdom of the ancients. It captures the essence of fire, water, earth & love.

Gather the purest water you have access to, create some fire to heat, and gather some beautiful plants either fresh or dried as both can be made into a tea/infusion. Crush the herbs in your hands, pause and smell, and offer gratitude and appreciation as you place them into the water. Bring water just below a boil, keep lid on and turn off heat to steep 10-20 minutes. Grab your favorite mug and strain your infusion into it. Find a place to sit, sip & savor. The NS will automatically receive a sense of well being and will shift into rest and digest. This is where we heal. We heal in safety, love & simplicity. Infuse your love into your herbal infusions and all that you do and you will be rewarded with nourishment, relaxation and an overall deeper sense of well being.

*All of this is from Way of the Herbalist Course, 10 month journey into Folk Herbalism & Ayurveda.

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