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Herbalism as a Way of Life

Herbalism is far more than just about herbs. Herbalism is a way of life, a way of living, moving, breathing and seeing the world. It is a path of heart and soul and deep tending to the soil we live upon and stepping into right relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

To be an herbalist is a responsibility to protect, educate, make conscious choices of how we spend our dollar for our dollar is a vote all on its own. To be an herbalist is a great honor and privilege, and I believe the plants choose us. They begin to reveal themselves by touching you when you walk by the blackberry bush and your skirt gets caught on the thorns, the way the Eucalyptus trees send their scent on a breeze and you pause and take it in, the way you watch the hummingbird sip sweet nectar from the lavender, sages and other blossoms. To be an herbalist is to be in communion with Mother Nature, in sync with the seasons, in love with Beauty, capable and confident in making nourishing foods, teas, tinctures and other magical medicines. It is to know intimately the wild plants that grow all around you, through the sidewalks, open scapes, in your own yards and build a relationship that grows into friendship that grows into a sense of kin and family. It is a lifelong love affair that is unwavering, steady, grounding, nourishing and will always be there for you. It also inspires one too give back, to be in reciprocal relationship, and it weaves us back into the great web of life. The plants are just waiting for you to see them, connect with them and remember them as your friends, allies, relations and in return they will awaken a deeper intelligence that your cells will remember. Herbalism is a Way of Life, a Way of Living, and a Way of Loving and being Loved in return.

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